The Reason We Are All Here

There are some people that you have met in your life that have made you question the reason for their existence but how many questioned their own existence and really give it some thought. It is highly possible that there is no divine purpose for our existence. Or any purpose for that matter.

As you read this the first response is “what would be the reason for being created if there was no purpose”. If I then ask you “Why” does there have to be a purpose” your answer would be “Nothing else makes sense”. This response is sponsored by the mind’s need to “make sense” of everything, to understand everything. Your secondary argument could possibly be “we were given higher intellect for a reason”. That reason could very well ONLY be to survive. Lets think back to the beginning, before civilization, before languages, before kings , before clothes. We lived in caves, wild animals lurked, how could we have possibly defended ourselves from a lion on the prowl? We could neither outrun nor overpower we had to outsmart. This was our survival edge. As such we had ideas; thoughts on how to survive.  We created tools to help us survive. Man is a tool using animal, with tools we are all, without them nothing.

Currently we are living to survive a world that we created. We need to buy food and shelter and from ourselves so we need to go to school in order to get a job that pays us enough to afford what was initially given to us. If we are unable to live within the rules of the system we may be rendered homeless. Homeless? What is a home. A structure to house all the things that we have bought and to protect us from the elements? Wasn’t mankind homeless in the beginning? Why do we need to be protected from the sun and the rain? It registers as a problem now because of the new rules we imposed on life in order to qualify our existence.

We may say we are here to “better the earth”. How can we better something which we do not understand? If we were indeed here to better the earth has ANYONE been successful in doing so? “Of course NeggZ look at all those great inventors and philanthropists that have made our quality of life so much better”. How as the knowledge of gravity or the invention of a lightbulb made the EARTH better? How has any invention made the EARTH better. We have only been successful in DESTROYING the earth. We may have succeeding in making the lives of those who can afford it more luxurious but SURELY this could not have been our “purpose”. Oh! but what about the abolition of slavery then never ending quest of World Peace and eradication of hunger and poverty? How is it even remotely possible for our purpose on earth to be to fix something that we BROKE? Please, someone, ANYONE explain that to me?

The religious among us may say we were put here to lead a life that is pleasing to our Creator so we may join him in paradise. Words were created several years after man was created, how would we have gotten the message, the rules on how to live from said Creator? Were they sent to us via crop circles? Diagrams of sort etched in the dirt? Or did the wild animals do an interpretive dance? Break the mold of how you were taught to think, think freely.  It is quite possible and HIGHLY likely that there is no real reason that we are here. Most of our minds are unable to accept this or even entertain the possibility. This my friends is why EVERYTHING IS FUCKED UP.


Females you need Swag Too

Swag as defined by me fancifully in a prior post is “an aura that surrounds you. Its your outlook, your modus operandi. It is intangible, its manifestations however are able to interact with and wreak havoc upon all five senses”. It however has different applications when gender is introduced to it. Men need swag to attract a woman and women need swag to keep men attracted. The latter point is oft ignored in discussions and as such have left women disheveled. Instead of trying to understand this phenomenon it is cursed, “All men are dogs”, ” He never knows what he has until its gone” and other such emotionally charged cries are made. Contrary to popular belief men do not only want sex, men want to “want to have one woman”. NeggZ is here to ILLUMINATE this topic with a 500 watt bulb. You might want to get some protective eye wear. CLAP ON!

Ladies you need to start seeing yourself as someone of high value, “yourself” in this context mean you the whole as opposed to you the hole. Many have already put an overpriced tag on their vagina in hopes of getting the man to stay around. The issue with this you have communicated to me that after I have acquired your most prized possession there is nothing else. Why stick around?  Your focus is inaccurate. If a man is only after sex he doesn’t care how long he has to wait. This is a useless test, you are testing for AIDS using an IQ test, DESIST. When you meet a man it is imperative that from day 1 he knows that you don’t need him. It is imperative that he knows that you have a life of which he can be a part and not that you are waiting for him to bring meaning to your life. This is what shapes the way the man will interact with you from the onset. The man you want has to know that you have options and that you see him as viable and not as your last hope. You need to have plans that doesn’t include him, or revolve around him. Then he will know that to stay apart of your life, to keep your attention he needs to behave. This is where 90% of women go wrong. They try to keep a man’s interest by coming on stronger and becoming more mushy. ERRONEOUS. If you want a man to find you interesting you must first have a life that is interesting. It is actually so simple even the CAVEWOMEN did it. Lead an interesting life. Statements like I’m bored should never exist in your life. What on earth is being “bored” anyway. You are telling me that in this ever changing and busy world there is time elapsing that you have absolutely NOTHING to do? Clearly there are deeper issues afoot. If you are waiting around for a man to validate your life, you have likened yourself to the swagless man that breathlessly pursues anything in a skirt. A fellow which I am sure you have encountered. I call this “Encounters of the TURD kind”, alas I digress. Let me reiterate, women don’t need swag to attract men, your vagina does that. You need the swag of ” I want you, but i’ll be fine without you” this is important to develop. How is this done? Live a life worth living, do things that interest you and stop wallowing in your manless existence. Then you will lead a life that makes you happy and have men clamoring to be a part of it. GO FORTH.

Read, Laugh, Think!

Could this be God?

<Insert elaborate apology for hiatus and politician promise here> Behold! I post fantastic things to stimulate your mind and provoke disbelief and controversy.  Religion is possibly the greatest story ever told, filled with with fanciful tricks to boggle your mind (not really), the most unbelievable story with the most subscriptions. The secret to its power is the manipulation of  fear, fear of the unknown, mankind’s greatest fear. Allow me to delve.

Is it more ridiculous to disbelieve in God or to believe in any religion? I say both are equally mindless. Huh? Are you losing it NeggZ? That doesn’t make any sense. Be still! Religion was created in an effort to explain God, it was created out of a need to understand God. As a result it gave human qualities to something divine. God was given an ego and feelings. An ego that needs to be gratified by amassing followers and disciples to do as commanded. God is able to feel jealousy should anything supersede it in importance. God had a son by impregnating a virgin(WHAT!!!) , God was given a gender but he is not a man. This is the teaching of Religion. the scope of Religion in this post is limited to Christianity, it is however noteworthy that all religions have given God an Ego but I digress. God has a home where only the privileged are welcome, all else are pushed to his neighbour’s abode. His neighbour is his arch-nemesis. His neighbour lives in a volcano of sorts but the fire burns the spirit, this is somehow very painful and gruesome  though all the pain receptors lie within the body,which must be shed before entering this community. God even has friends, friends! God has friends. And the folly continues, all this in an effort to humanize the creator and sustenance of our existence.

It is more accurate to refer to God as an intelligence, or the thread of our universe. It is the puppeteer of life. It doesn’t care, it doesn’t feel, it exists that we may. On an individual level it co-ordinates your body’s vital functions; respiration, digestion, reproduction and everything else that occurs without your control. We refer to it as our subconscious. On a holistic level it controls weather, time, the changing of the seasons, the seemingly self sustained nature of the world. This in its entirety was created and is maintained by God. Jesus was but a man who understood how to tap into this intelligence, how to interface with it through prayer and faith, which is to say ask and believe. If your eyes were created by this intelligence which is consistently at work, should you lose your sight this intelligence must be able to restore it. This commonly called a miracle.  He referred to God as his father. Which is to say Creator.

While you must believe in God before you are able to communicate to it, worship is not necessary, nor do you have to “deserve it”, ask and it shall be granted unto you. Your mind is the interface with God, this is how you communicate. Belief is necessary because the mind rejects anything it disbelieves, the call will be dropped. NO SERVICE.

Heaven and hell was discussed here go forth

The Reason For Unhappiness

My apologies for the hiatus. I was battling indolence and procrastination, quite a struggle it was, drastic measures had to be undertaken. I underwent a name change you will refer to me as Victor herein! Onward with the post.

We live in a society that encourages us to be victims. We subconsciously victimize ourselves at every juncture. When an event occurs we personalize it and say this event happened to us. This is as erroneous as it is selfish, allow me shine a floodlight on my point to increase its visibility. As a guest of a party, as the audience of a ballet, as a patron in a movie theater; all pristine examples of an event, would you ever under any circumstances utter: “That <insert event here> happened to me” .  Surely not, yet you binge on a similar strain of folly as events occur within which you may seek solace in victim-hood. Your first instinct is to scream: ” Bad things are happening to me”. Allow me to clear the air. There are no “good things” or “bad things” only things. The death of a loved one, losing your job, stubbing your toe on a precariously placed rock or even winning the lottery are not inherently good or bad. The occurrence of the events or sequence thereof may displease you thoroughly but this is insufficient grounds to label yourself as unlucky or the event as bad. The same holds for the contrary which is to say “good things”

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An Alternate Look at Heaven and Hell

Allow me to clearly and emphatically state that I am not an Atheist. This post is not intended to prove/disprove any held beliefs. This blog is an outlet for my thoughts, following this logic these are my thoughts on the concept of Heaven and Hell. During the course of your stay if you feel offended or attacked by my words, then your mind is small and closed; this makes you an unwelcome guest, as such direct your attention to the top right hand corner of your browser, X marks the spot.

We are all too familiar with the tale: Do right and live a life pleasing to the Lord and heaven is thy reward, live alternately and hell is your final destination. Heaven from my memory was depicted as the perfect place. Streets paved with gold, manna falling from the sky and other abstract indicators of an utopia. Hell however was illustrated as hot fiery eternity, where you are the slave of the devil and other frightening and disparaging details. The moot of these stories is that heaven is the most fantastic neighborhood in the afterlife and hell is well….hell. Visualize with me the occupants of the afore mentioned. Heaven is theoretically filled with the righteous which is to say those that lead a life that the Lord smiles upon and the rest are damned to hell. Among those damned to hell would be the non-conformists, the conniving, the murderous, the et cetera. In life we fear death and pain. In death my assumption that there is no pain and surely no further death. How then would the devil keep all evil souls under his control and prevent uprising? What is the threat? How does the devil prevent himself from being overthrown if the evilest of the evil are gathered in his front yard. Hitler, Stalin, Attila the Hun, all under control? Interesting! Similarly can my pass to heaven be revoked if whilst in heaven I become a miscreant? Am I able to move from hell to heaven on the basis of “good behavior”? I wonder?

Lets take another step. It is said that the body will be left behind and will be destroyed with Earth and the spirit shall transcend into the afterlife. The discouraging arguments for hell is pain and anguish. I am not a world renowned doctor or anatomy expert but I am of the belief that pain is the body’s. Pain receptors lie within the flesh. This suggests to me the discomfort promised by hell has been eradicated as the spirit should feel no pain. Unless of course the cavemen that went to hell discovered a new strain of fire that scorches the soul. There may be some merit to this after all. If then all we feel is the body’s: pain pleasure, sadness, happiness; what then is the punishment and gratification of the spirit? If all pleasures and ill fates that are known are worldly; which is to say of the body, why are they being used to paint the image of hell and heaven? These are some of the questions that arise in my mind.

Many uncertainties exist within religion. Many questions are raised about the afterlife. What if the meaning of heaven and hell were distorted with each restatement; with each passing from lip to ear? What if the story of heaven and hell was a parable not to be taken for its literal meaning? What if heaven and hell exist right now on earth? What if hell is that which we experience now; the constant state of turmoil that our minds inhabit, with a barrage of fleeting sporadic moments of happiness ? What if I start another question with “what if”? Suppose it to say heaven is “peace of mind” or ” a peace that passeth all understanding”, an indefinite happiness here on earth? Imagine the ramifications if there were to be any merit to my ramblings, what a revolution that would be.

Read. Laugh. Think!

You Have Failed – Accept It and Move On 

To fail is to fall short of accomplishing a set goal, nothing more, nothing less. The sad irony is that the measures undertaken to avoid failure begets an even more potent and cataclysmic strain, failure to pursue. We become crippled by our fear of failure, this is why we seek job security, this is why we make silly excuses for being single and miserable, this is why our dreams are fantasies and this is why you are NOT doing what you WANT to do. All opposed to my stance will be disarmed by the first few sentences in the next paragraph. Behold!

To ye non-believers I pose these questions. If you KNEW that you would be successful in all your endeavors would you report to work every morning and complain about your job? Would you let that person you admire remain unaware of your existence? Would you wish upon a star that the way in which you experience life was better? If you answered yes to any of these questions then it is clear that you have issues beyond the jurisdiction of this post. Please seek help. Nelson Mandela said our greatest fear is not that we are inadequate but that we are powerful beyond measure. I politely disagree Mr. Mandela, our greatest fear IS that we are inadequate, it is that we will fail. Your self-worth, confidence and abilities determine how powerful you are. A person who says “Who am I to be brilliant, gorgeous, talented, fabulous” does not fear these classifications. He was merely socialized in mediocrity, this socialization reflected upon his sense of self. He now believes he is mediocre and will always be mediocre, his self worth is the culprit. His thought patterns are “I will fail if make an attempt at greatness so why bother” not “I might be successful if I try and this scares me”, success to him is unattainable and he is afraid of failing so he doesnt try, he never tries.

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Ode to Mommy!

I was trying to come up with a complex rhyme or fanciful prose to aptly illustrate you. This clearly was the wrong approach as you are an effortless mother, so too shall my writing be effortless. You are always there, you smile when I smile and my sadness is yours. To the untrained eye your acts are selfless as you put my happiness above yours, but to the adept you are selfish as your happiness is a reflection of mine. I’m on to you. You trust me without apology, without reason, without bounds. This means a lot to me, I assure you.

Today is Mother’s Day, the day in which you are recognized worldwide, I celebrate you with each breath, there is a continuous fiesta in my lungs. You may not have the resources to do all you want for me and I know this makes you unhappy, but the struggle we go through teaches character. Surely this should bring you cheer. Though sometimes you may annoy me and smother me with acts of love, your intentions are seen and appreciated. I appreciate you mommy, for 23 years I have only had a mother. You could not play the father role but all I needed was you. Someone to show me love unconditionally. You have had to do this with two stubborn sons. Craig I see you, yes you are stubborn also. Yet you didn’t give up, you never give up.

The essence of this is that I will forever be grateful, and forever find solace in the love that you have and will continue to show me. Till forever I shall reciprocate.

Happy Mothers Day Mommy!